A recent study has shown that a tree can lose up to 80% of its root system when removed from the nursery. Obviously, in order to compensate for the loss, the tree needs to be well taken care of. But freshly transplanted trees are very delicate. Even a simple mistake can lead to a path of no return. So, if you want your tree to survive in its new environment, then you should start learning how to take care of it. From watering to tree trimming, here are some of the most important steps to follow when caring for a newly transplanted tree.


Since the newly planted root has not extended its roots into the existing soil, adequate moisture needs to reach the root ball. In other words, you must water as close to the trunk as possible. But, since water may run in any direction once it hits the ground, we strongly suggest that you build a small dam around your tree that will keep the water from running off. Make sure that you water your tree abundantly for at least the next year of its life. Once the roots start spreading, you can reduce the watering.


Mulch in another important element in good tree health care maintenance. Apply a 4-inch layer of composted, organic mulch extending from the trunk out past the drip line (end of the branches). Make sure that the mulch does not rest on the trunk. Mulch acts as a slow-release fertilizer which gives roots a better environment to thrive in.


Tree trimming after planting should be limited to removing broken, rubbing, and dead branches only. As a general rule, newly planted trees do not require pruning or trimming for at least a couple of years. However, as soon as they reach maturity, they should be trimmed regularly and consistently.

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