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Are Your Trees Starting to Block out the Light

What to Expect from a Professional Tree Contractor To continue from our previous blog on what to expect from a professional tree contractor or trimmer. A member of a trimming crew could be raised up in the bucket in order to safely reach higher limbs and branches....

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Is My Tree Hazardous?

Trees provide numerous benefits to both people and their property. These benefits increase as the size and age of the trees increase. However, as a tree gets older, it becomes more prone to illnesses and susceptible to insect damage. These sort of problems can make a...

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How to Care for a Newly Transplanted Tree

A recent study has shown that a tree can lose up to 80% of its root system when removed from the nursery. Obviously, in order to compensate for the loss, the tree needs to be well taken care of. But freshly transplanted trees are very delicate. Even a simple mistake...

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